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Harley's Story

Harley's battle with osteosarcoma

Harley's Story

Day 3

May 14th, 2010 · 5 Comments · Uncategorized

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Harley had a good day yesterday.  We went back to the vet to get the bandage changed.  We saw a different vet and she said he didn’t really need a bandage.  So he came home without one.   He did so awesome at the vet.  I was really worried he was going to freak out about going there – after what they did to him!  But he was wagging his tail at everybody.   He has to relearn his balance a little now without the bandage.  When they did the amputation, the didn’t remove the whole leg, they left him his shoulder and part of his upper leg bone.  They thought he would heal faster and would have better balance.   When that shoulder was strapped down with the bandage, he didn’t try to use that leg.  Now that it’s free, I see him trying to use that ‘leg’, and it’s throwing him off a little.  Anyone else have a partial amputee?  He is on Rimadyl and Tramadol for pain and seems to be tolerating them well.   We’ve blocked off the stairs now, so he can’t get up there.  Now we just need to get him to slow down outside.  He wants to run at times.  My 16-year old son had a bunch of friends in the driveway playing basketball yesterday, so Harley was getting a bunch of love!

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  • credocanis

    Good for Harley!! It never ceases to amaze me just how resilient they are. I can’t answer the partial amputation question, but I’m sure somebody can help you out.

    We’re thinking happy thoughts for you and for Harley’s recovery!! Sounds like all is going well so far. Just so you know, Lincoln thought he could run from the very beginning too, and as it turns out he was right, but I still tried to keep him pretty quiet and contained for the first couple of weeks.

    Good luck!!

  • jerry

    We heard from a physical therapist that Tripawds with stumps often use that stump for balance. We’re betting that Harley will get the hang of it real soon. Wyatt Ray did, and he’s also got a pretty hefty stump.

    Great news, thanks for sharing!

  • maggie

    Sounds like he’s doing great! Good for Harley! I can’t answer the partial stump either but based on Jerry’s reply, he’ll get it quickly I’m sure!

    It still freaks me out to this day when Maggie tries to scratch herself and her little bit of muscle left up by her hip moves…. poor girl…I go to the rescue really fast to help her scratch!

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  • jakesmom

    I’m so glad that Harley is doing so well. I remember when I brought Jake back to the vet for his post-op follow-up… and was also worried that he’d be afraid after what happened to him. But he was so excited to see everyone… He was so happy. Everyone was amazed! Dogs are just so cool… unlike us humans, eh?

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  • Ginger

    I am so happy that you are feeling so good. My pawrents wouldn’t let me go up and down stairs either. I charmed Daddy into carrying up the stairs for bed time though. Remember to gets lots of rest – and love.


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